Large Antique Armoire

Replacements for a large antique armoire. Only the peg holes remained, so the customer had to guess on the style. These finials were turned from solid pieces of walnut 5x5x10". Unfinish. The finished pieces in place are shown below.

Flame Finial

A cherry flame finial turned and then carved. Three went on top of a cherry highboy the customer made for his daughter from plans in Fine Woodworking Magazine July/August 1996 page 56.

Cedar Fence Post Finials

for restoration in a historic district of Texas.

Clock Restoration Sample

Sample made for an antique clock repair.

Bed Post Finials

The customer's beds were configured as bunk beds for many years. When they were reconfigured as separate beds, some of the finials that filled the holes in the bottom bunk were missing or broken. The original is on the left, the copies are on the right.

"The finials look fantastic!! I can't wait to get them stained and on the bed posts. Thanks!" C.A.

More lost bed post finials.

And more lost bed post finials, unfinished. These attached with a large double ended screw called a hanger bolt. The left one is three poplar boards glued up, the right one is one piece of cherry

Small Finials

Several sample finials that are to be covered with gold leaf for an artist. The pen is included to show the size, but yes, we make fancy pens. This one is made from wild cherry burl.

Poplar newel post top

One piece poplar approximately 5 inches in diameter.

Walnut newel post top

A walnut finial with small flutes designed by the customer for the top of a newel post.